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trajectory in terms of energy? is this a chance to change the way people think about it and the way the policies are shaped around energy? >> we caught up with steyer in the tiny town of mayflower, arkansas, where he was getting a look at the cleanup site from an estimated $5 billion oil spill. here is some just off the top of the water. it's sticky. it's extremely sticky. >> very sticky. >> it smells awful. >> in march 2013, a shallow underground pipeline owned by exxonmobil burst, sending oil running down a mayflower residential street, as can be seen in this video. >> the smell is unbelievable. i mean, look. there's oil. >> the oil flowed down the street through a drainage ditch. and emptied into a marshy area. the crews had come from alberta, canada, thousands of miles away. >> what are the booms for? >> they are to soak in the oil. they are supposed to -- >> literally? >> yeah. >> that's what they're for? >> they're supposed to repel water and soak in oil. >> steyer had come to mayflower to gather ammunition for what may be the biggest fight of his life, trying to stop the key
to change the policy of energy? is this a way to change the way people think about it and the way policies are shaped? >> we caught up with his town in arkansas where he was looking at the cleanup of an oil spill. here is some just off the top of the water. it's sticky. it's extremely sticky. it smells awful. >> in march, 2013, a shallow underground pipeline owned by exxon runs down the residential -- first sending oil running down the residential street as you see in this video. >> the smell is unbelievable. look, there is oil. >> the oil flowed down the street through a drainage ditch. it emptied into a marshy area. the crews had come from alberta, canada, thousands of miles away. >> what are they for? >> they are to soak in the oil. they are supposed to. they are supposed to soak in water. they are supposed to repel water and soak in oil. >> steyer had come to mayflower to gather ammunition for what may be the biggest fight of his life, trying to stop the pipeline from being built. he worries more leaks like this one could happen. the proposed by blind would -- pipeline would stretch fr
since thanksgiving. is that because the street now sees tesla as an energy company, not just an electric car company? we have one guest who's going to make that case coming up. >> that story, bill, tesla, has been the story all week. now, here's how we stand in markets. what were you going to stay? >> i was going to say an analyst price forecast for that stock are all over the map. from the $200 range to the $60 range. >> pun intended. any who, here's where the dow stands. up to 16,245. meanwhile, as we mentioned off the top, the s&p 500 up about six points to just about 1851 at this hour. that's three points above its all-time closing high. >> all right, everybody. belly up. let's talk about this marketing in today's "closing bell" exchange. we have a lot of people, more who will be joining us. heather hughes just sitting down. how are you? >> good. >> greg ip from the economist. we have john doyle, jim lowell from adviser investments. we have steve liesman, rick santelli. it's a cast of thousands here. steve, i'm going to start with you. give us the hits and runs of janet yellen's test
. the energy minister went on about climate change. -- i haven'ting to had time to get into the climate change debate. [laughter] he is the energy minister, mr. speaker. as a happy that there are climate change deniers in his government that is he happy that there are climate change deniers in his government? >> i praise him for his commitment to climate change. i like the new style. i think this is much more refreshing. his government has a solid track record of cutting carbon and investing in nuclear. the biggest energy program we have seen in this country for the first time in a long time we are on track to the renewable target. let's congratulate him on the record on the energy environment. >> the whole country would have heard they cannot answer the question about whether you need to believe in man-made climate change to be part of his government. part to be ac matter of individual conscience. these to be the thing that was a passion above all else. >> order. order. >> the questions and the answers will be heard however long it takes for those who are exercising their vocal cords and the
goes up. i will stay stock specific and oil names like encan ma and new star energy. i take off a lot of risk across the board. go back to my screen and take some risk off going into this situation on friday. melissa: don't move. i want to get some more reaction from you in just a moment. >> budget i sent congress this morning lays out how we'll implement this agenda in a balanced and responsible way. it's a road map for creating jobs with good wages and expanding opportunity for all americans. melissa: so the president released his budget proposal today. his direction is clear. he wants to tighten guidelines for the rich. extend tax breaks for the poor and help students with loans and raise the minimum wage to 10 person $10 an hour. thanks for joining us. -- $10.10 an hour. >> thanks, melissa. melissa: what do you like about what you heard? >> most republicans and democrats agree the earned income tax credit actually works. i think that is positive. some of the ideas on infrastructure were way behind. we're hopelessly behind on infrastructure spending in this country. we'll have to d
and western europe are reliant for a large portion of their energy needs. be a douchewill it -- we have anastasia, ryan, i want to start with you. what are you hearing from the people there and whether they have a sense things will not continue to get worse right now. class a lot to talk about. let's start with some of the unrest in the east in the country. , an has been the city industrial city of about one million people. about 500 miles east of here. the last few hours, we have seen clashes. we effectively had a group of about 2000 pro-russian protesters. 5000 pro-ukrainian protesters. then the police were brought in separately. a group actually stormed a regional government building there. we heard the day before yesterday president putin talking about why russian forces are in crimea and why he is looking at the ukraine. he talks about the need to protect russian speaking people. this would of course give him an excuse to go in eastern ukraine, something he said he did not see the need for yet. it is certainly something to watch. then at ground zero in his crisis, that is crimea. t
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. they have mitochondria that provide them with energy in their eggs. if its infective, they may have a baby with a birth defect. >> promising technique? >> you know, it is. the idea you can make a fix before a baby is born so a couple can have a healthy baby is terrific. it's been done in monkeys. i think it could be done here. >> of course, there are people that are concerned about the risks. >> that's right. >> what are they? >> i mean, there are risks. the idea that the change you make could lead to a birth defect that you aren't aware of or a problem in the next generation. how do you do the studies to even sort that out. >> the ethical component of it. >> is this on the path to designer babies. you know, you make a change that prevents a deadly disease is one thing but are you on your way to selecting characteristics in a baby and do we really want to go there. >> even that's not the intent but you don't know if that's the direction it could go. >> that's right. that's something they have to sort out before they move forward. >> thanks rich. >> thank you, guys. >>> we'll get the latest
and atmospheric administration, the department of energy, the environmental protection agency, the nuclear regulatory commission and the national institute of standards and technology. all said the same thing -- it's not their responsibility. >> one of our frustrations is our government hasn't taken this on as something we should sponsor in terms of our national interests. there is often a lot of finishing pointing going on and we hope in the long run we can make progress to find a home, as we call it. >> reporter: in the mean time, he is relying on foundation support and doing some crowd sourcing. >> all it takes is filling up one of these containers. >> reporter: he launched a web site and created these kits to make it easy for anyone to do some fieldwork. interested individuals and communities pay $550 for the fox, gather samples and ship them to woods hall for analysis. the data is shared online. so far donors have funded 33 sample sites. but how is the radiation affecting the creatures that live in the sea and ultimately the human beings who enjoy eating seafood? >> this one. at's ces
in 2011 establishing a bank that leverages private funds for transportation, water and energy. with an infrastructure bank the federal government would identify big projects in the public interest visit mon from the private sector and guarantee the loan it's a joint public private model used by many countries around the world but smacks too much of the socialism to many republicans in congress. in the meantime american continues to sufferer because i've lack of leadership on this issue you. a concept of a national infrastructure bank isn't new but pro* proposals to create one are gaining traction among law makers, am see spoke with kevin from the center of american progress a progressive think tank focused on policy and asked why now is a good time to turn the idea in a reality. >> for far too long we have under invested in infrastructure and as a result of that, we see this tension between the need to expand our system to meet increased travel demand, growing population, increased international trade, and so governors and many state departments and transportation face a parad
program and washington said it should be allowed to produce energy. mr. obama will hold a similar meeting with the president in two weeks. orthodox jews were in west jerusalem over the weekend. they were protesting a law being debated in the israeli parliament with men to be drafted into military service and orthodox jews have been exempt and they want to keep it that way. >> it's important to tell the state of isreal that we are opposed to their political philosophies that we feel that the contribution that the elements of society are making will help the army and through our contributions and the religious spectrum we are arm and arm with the army, helping the state of israel. >> reporter: the new legislation is expected to pass in the next few weeks. ultra orthodox jews makeup 10% of israel's population. a california state lawmaker facing corruption charges says he is taking a paid leave of absence and he is accused of accepting about 100,000 in bribes including meals and golf games in exchange for his political influence. he is pleading not guilty. and he is the second california sta
at the future the way we are. here,, conditions primarily because of this tremendous energy revolution that we have had over the last few years have changed the equation in the u.s. >> but i am saying it is behavior and emotion. scarlet and her husband want to get the marginal 5000 square feet. >> 10,000! now, americansht are not as optimistic as they are traditionally. thatat is where i say people are fearful. they should not be fearful because all of the trends are working in the right direction. >> with that said, what are you seeing, jed? >> when we ask people is homeownership part of the american dream, that is climbing back up. the vast majority of young people are renting and want to buy someday. the danger is that that optimism translates into unreasonable expectations about what will happen to home prices. if people start buying homes because they think prices will keep rising at 11% a year, that is a bad thing, that is a bubble. but we are not to that point yet. >> is homeownership part of the american dream in places like san francisco where you are based? we see the income inequali
and can fund the development of a lot of energy infrastructure, that will drive road, rail, and other transportation infrastructure we're talking about. you need a private sector impetus. dry?sentially the pot is the piggy bank is empty? >> it pretty much is. highway funding is done. vehicle miles traveled have been dropping. gas tax revenues are falling. the need for a public-private partnership. you have private money coupled with public management. why can't we get that done? >> that does happen. but the economic incentive has to be there. we start natural gas exports and crude oil exports. the prices equalize between the center of the u.s. where the crude oil piles up in barrels and the rest of the world -- you can have it better environment for private investment and international energy agency's have estimated that it is in the trillions of dollars, the infrastructure investment, to man come in to develop our resources of energy in the u.s.. do investors look at president obama's infrastructure proposal with any degree of belief or is it something that they say it has been propo
northern santa fe, and acquisition he did back in 2010. unit. from an energy it is coming from all of these acquisitions. the issue ofraise succession even more? >> succession is a huge issue for berkshire. if you listen to what buffett said about that in the past, he would say that these operating berkshire hashow a future that is going to go on much longer than him. he is not involved in the day-to-day operations. >> right. i wonder what the correlation is between their profits and gdp. is there one? analysts,speak with as the u.s. goes, so does berkshire. think about something like burlington northern santa fe, a big, big railroad. if people are buying more stuff, companies are moving more stuff, burlington northern tends to do better. --what are you expecting what do people want to know? is always on the table. last year, he did not give us that much on that front. apart from that, it is going to be everything from the economy to his thoughts about the investing environment right now. are these sectors the ones that are responsible for the profits? >> a big chunk of it. another
with the energy department's achingly slow approval process. >> i think we should move forward on natural gas exports very quickly. i think we should approve an lng terminal to go to europe. i think we should show that the u.s. is going to be moving forward on becoming energy independent. >> so using this crisis to push a pipeline? yes. and on the headline on a right wing blog says quote, ukraine crisis means drill, baby, drill. so the answer to the problems in ukraine is to drill, baby, drill? wait a minute. what happened to yesterday's attack? you know, the one from senator lindsey graham when he tweeted, quote, it started with benghazi. when you kill americans and nobody pays a price, you invite this type of aggression. it started with benghazi. but i thought it was about drilling? so i wonder what's next. repealing obamacare will show putin who's boss? or slashing food stamps will keep russian troops at bay? do they think we wouldn't notice they're using an international crisis to push their domestic agenda? this isn't even close to a nice try. but we got you. hey there, i just got my bil
, arguing the gop tax plan will, quote, put the brakes on america's drive to energy independence. joining me now, former republican congressman, jc watts, who serves as a consultant for the domestic energy producers alliance. and with a welcome to you. >> thank you, alex. >> i'm going to call you jc during this interview. >> it works. >> okay, good. before we get to the impact on the energy sector, what is your take on this broader tax plan? >> well, it makes a lost assumptions. and first of all, i think chairman camp needs to be commended for, you know, putting something out there. but it's a discussion draft. and there's much discussion that needs to be had had, and especially when it it comes to i think the energy sector and those people who are creating jobs when you look at percentage depletion, that area that i would be very concerned about. and you've got about 18,000 small business owners that use percentage depletion as a form of capital formation. that's the biggest barrier to small business entering the segment, is capital formation, and that would be a real blow to it. and then y
at his country 25 years ago and said we're on our knees because of oil and energy. he said we're going to use our natural gas exports to get europe dependent on us and use that as political leverage. we're going to export our oil and have money to rebuild our empire and he's done exactly that. >> you have seen and written and spoken a lot of diplomatic language when it comes to crises around the world with your experience with the defense department. when we hear leader after leader, president obama and just a little while ago defense secretary chuck hagel saying and i put this in quotes, deeply concerned. is that code for something? >> last week you had a u.s. secretary of defense say we're cutting the defense budget and not going to do the missions we've historically done. at the same time the russian defense minister said we are negotiating new naval bases around the world and fixing our cold war bases. >> what's interesting about your idea that you talked about the economics, what president reagan would do. it didn't focus on what is happening inside ukraine. they would decide thei
is in the top 50, i think. the larger point is energy and sitting on a bunch of oil is not where the action is. there is action obviously in tech. there are more new retail billionaires than tech. 35 retail billionaires. the business of buying things is still very good. >> mark zuckerberg last year worth $13.3 billion and this year $28.5. >> nobody in the world made more money in the past 12 months than mark zuckerberg. >> he is 29, everybody. incredible. randall, a great issue. thanks so much. "forbes" billionaire's list is out now. >>> david remnick was the bureau chief for "the post" in washington in moscow and he joins us with his thoughts on ukraine straight ahead. take a closer look at your fidelity green line and you'll see just how much it has to offer, especially if you're thinking of moving an old 401(k) to a fidelity ira. it gives you a wide range of investment options... and the free help you need to make sure your investments fit your goals -- and what you're really investing for. tap into the full power of your fidelity green line. call today and we'll make it easy to move that o
energy. obama's energy policy. today the epa issued a regulation where gas prices are going to go up $10 a gallon. all these policies are harming hard-working americans, even the coal miners are being harmed with regulations. with obamacare, i think they should continue to talk about it. >> so you agree with continuing on the attack mode instead of coming out and saying, here's what we would do? >> we have proposed some things. we have harry reid, who's standing in the way in the senate. so, you know, there are some ideas that are on the table in the house, but they have not gone past harry reid. >> julie, the polls are working in the democrats' favor because the majority of americans would rather see obamacare proceed albeit with course corrections. >> right. you know, i can't believe i'm giving the republicans advice, but what i would do, if i were advising republicans, is i wouldn't nationalize this election. this is a midterm. you're not running a presidential. what works, for example, in kentucky against mitch mcconnell, where obamacare has been successful and is ensuring tens of th
europe want to be as dependent upon russian energy? that gas pipeline going through ukraine, providing a huge amount of the heating fuel for western europe. is the united states going to think differently about exporting oil, about exporting more gas in the future to supply our allies abroad. >> john buss, live with us. thank you very much. >> eninvestors reacting reactina big way. causes chaos. early trading dow was down a couple hundred points. analysts believe the cries is putting investor risk-taking on hold. the ruble is all time low against the dollar. gold and u.s. government bonds are doing very well. safe spots. so people are putting these in other places, a flight to safety sends you there in russia, president putin's military amibitions are having economic consequences. the main index there plummeted at the end of trading today, 13%. impossible to predict how the crisis we play out. >> in other news, developments in the case of justin pelletier, that teenage girl on whom we have been reporting, doctors took her from her family. court victories for the parents and now we're h
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in energy aid to the ukraine. we'll keep you posted on this as we learn more coming in live right now. >>> and then today starts a senate debate on the nominee to head the civil rights division at the department of justice. he is now facing harsh criticism for defending that cop killer in court. the widow of that fallen police officer spoke with us earlier this morning on "fox & friends." listen to what she had to say. >> my husband would feel that this is evil, it's unjust, and they really need to look at the facts of who this man is that they are nominating. >> she says she's been trying to speak to the senate about this nomination, but she's getting no response from senate leadership. not even getting her phone calls returned. >>> a minnesota high school is under fire this morning after forcing this freshman to stand outside for ten minutes in the freezing cold in a wet bathing suit. the 14-year-old was in the school's pool when the fire alarm went off. a small science experiment triggered the alarm and the teen-ager was rushed out of the building with no time to put on any dry clo
across the plains and northeast and give us the energy for our next winter storm. there is the satellite radar imagery. easy some areas 6-12 inches. you see that plentiful rain and rotation across portions of central california. much-needed rainfall, but it comes with a price with the potential of mud slides and flash flooding. we'll continue to see the onshore rain in towards california and the southwest. that energy is going to move eastward and give us the potential for a big ice storm as well as a snowstorm. you see the pinks. this is sunday 9:00 a.m. across the ohio river valley, tennessee river valley where we could see significant icing up to 1/2 inch of ice will be very dangerous on the roads and power lines. there is monday morning. we could see the potential for severe weather across the southeast where we have warm moist, unstable air ahead of this. then we have the icing in memphis to the northeast. the latest computer modeling is showing that this storm is going to move more southward than we originally anticipated. we'll have to fine-tune this forecast. here is the snowfall
between russia, ukraine, and germany with a flow of energy? >> that is really the threat point that russia has in all of this, is europe is crucially dependent on natural gas, most of which comes from russia. that is always the -- obviously, russia needs to sell the natural gas, too. so far, that is why it has been stable. >> there's a terrific book "command and control" about the u.s. history and the disturbing -- clearly still on the minds of germans. >> casting a long shadow of the history. we will be back and talk about real estate. how can a real estate company survive commission-free? that is coming up next on "bloomberg surveillance." ♪ >> this is "bloomberg surveillance." let's get you some company news. a hiring spree in asia. they have hired hundreds of engineers and supply chain managers in china and taiwan. triesring comes as apple to speed product development and introduce a wider range of devices. ebay director firing back at carl icahn saying he recused himself from deal talks when ebay sold skype to a group of investors that included his venture firm. carl icahn has accus
positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. >>> time now for "the ridiculist." tonight we have a fish tale from rochester, minnesota where earlier this month the owner of a bait store had a problem to tackle. someone broke into his shop after he closed up. luckily he had activated 2 alarm system before he left. >> the last thing i did before i locked the door was turn billy bass on. >> at hooked on fishing much like in countless basements and garages throughout this great nation there is a motion-activated fish that sings "take me to the river" or "don't worry be happy" when someone enters this shop. in this case, billy bass was not just a delight for everyone, but also a top-notch guard fish. >> i saw the door had been damaged and the dead bolt was actual
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being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. >>> hey, welcome back. remember the antarctic explorers and amazing photos they sent back stranded on a sea of ice. as winter takes one more shot you can see the same kind of pictures on local lakes, rivers and because ice takes up more space than water, you can see it hammering into bridges piers and river front homes. and gary tuchman, these days he's looking like a south pole scientist. where are you? what are you standing on? >> reporter: anderson, right now i'm standing on top of the kankakee river, about an hour south of chicago in the town of wilmington, illinois. just a few days ago this weekend, this was iced over. as flat as a hockey rink. then it started to thaw and melt and it got ridiculously cold again. the
on oil, energy and other manufacturing companies. the capital cost deductions have been reduced. but as steve said, you're basically -- look, the two basic rates here are 10% and 25%. that's two basic rates. now, i regret that they had to hit higher rates to path surtax on. we wanted that for years. you could leave that 35% rate alone and everybody could have the 15% rate. everybody else could have a 15% rate. i would have preferred he go there. >> i don't take the camp plan as definitive if that was the only thing out there i would take it. in see it as putting something on table, taking all the secrecy away from it. one i want shows the tax code has to be junked but two it shows there's a lot of ways you can get massive tax deductions by removing these preferences. if you have a vibrant economy you won't see a 15% decline in housing values. people will buy more houses and move around this country. >> hugh, the gop has to have a growth message. now we can maybe really -- i can tweak -- look i did it on the air. i asked him about a lot of these flaws. the gop has got to have a
will strengthen our economy, create jobs and promote north american energy independence. i question the second one on creating jobs. it ain't that many. now, on the fly. side opposition is growing day by day. i don't know if it's going end up with a half million people in washington, d.c., but one of nebraska's biggest newspapers has come out against the pipeline. today the york news times, number three in the state, said, nebraska should never support the pipeline in its current plan. the paper expressed serious concerns about the possibility of contaminating the aquifer. it pointed out nebraska really relies on this water source to survive as a state and a region, and if the aquifer were compromised and contaminated with oil, the consequences simply would be devastating. so the entire region. a new report from the nonprofit, nonprofit carbon tracker initiative -- i never heard of this before -- carbon tracker initiative, reveals possible flaws with the state department's report. this is what lefties have been yelling about, the report is flawed. now according to the carbon tracker, state departm
? >> -- in a district twice that was 53% republican. she is now running for governor of texas. we never saw energy of the type of the sort of the size that we saw when wendy davis did the filibuster. there were hundreds of thousands of people who showed up. and let me tell you, women are mad in texas. democrats are mad in texas. people who have not voted in a very long time are mad in texas. and the best thing that could happen is to have the farthest right wing fruitcake on the ticket run against her. >> is that greg abbott you described? >> he is one of them. with greg we can go after him on the redistricting and fighting the medicaid expansion. there will be a litany of issues that people are angry about. those are the people who are starting to turn out the vote and have a lot of excitement about wendy at the top of this ticket. >> thanks for coming on. state representative donna dukes. i'm going to learn that name and hear it many times. anyway, thank you wayne slater. you always give us the goods. >>> up next, the debate over charter schools. it's a red hot fight right in new york city. did
ukraine's low oil tea through money. >> cheap gas, cheap energy. >> even though they were having nice dances with the european union. >> that drama is far from over. this very morning, russia decided, not by coincidence, to have some military exercises not far from the border of ukraine. >> saying, we are here. >> take note. we may be back in two or three weeks, god forbid. i could be wrong. i find it very hard to believe that russia would send troops into ukraine. toward what end would it be? i just don't know? russia is asserting itself on the world stage in sochi and putin is a master of his own almost cartoonish self-confidence, they have a lot of problems. >> does it work in terms of the russian psyche in the appeal of putin? >> i think we should not forget that the majority of the people i know in intellectual moscow and st. petersburg, good liberals, younger people entering the middle class, yes, they are long since tired of putin. they want to see development of independent judiciary a real legislature, the rule of law, free press, all of these things. right now, you have an a
's not alone. >> hopefully put some good energy into the world and get something back. >> this club has been around for years and several dozen former members are now working. aljazeera, new york. >> to learn more about job clubs and how they can help you, go to our website >> in an hour, we'll get the latest reading on economic growth. governments to slash estimates for 2013. consumers cutting back on their spending. the slowdown in the global economy taking its toll on exports. >> the strength in u.s. manufacturing's going to have to come domesticically. we're not going to see exports grow as strongly as the fourth quarter of 2013, putting strain on manufacturing, along with the turn in the u.s. inventory cycle. >> we'll have the gross domestic product report four in our next hour here on aljazeera america. >> wall street is pointing to a lower open ahead of data, dow futures down 22 points. fed chair janet yellen soothing economy concerns yesterday gave stocks a lift, the dow beginning at 16,272, the s&p beginning with a new record high, 1854 and the nasdaq at 431
of it consisted of paintings of pretty women doing things that didn't require much energy like at my hearing aid of were standing in a garden. they never sweat. they didn't quite seem real and along comes rockwell with his humorous tableaux about everyday life about boys playing pokey from school and running away trying not to get caught. there had been nothing quite as humorous and as a down-to-earth because magazine covers if you think about it now and then were always sort of about the life he wanted to have. they are supposed to be glamorous and aberrational. it's like you will look like this, your skin will become clear in your hair will look better. in nearly 20th century magazines also appealed to america's aspirations. but with rock while he wasn't thinking the life he wanted to have such a life people already had. people usually were not gorgeous and through, they were never gorgeous. they were ordinary looking into such such a see them on the covf magazines was in itself a surprise. so he was an illustrator, he distinguished himself during the second world war when he painted the freed
providing more energy to europe. europe depends on russian gas. putin is banking on that, that europe won't act in this situation. we could start in the long term changing that energy balance. getting more american gas to europe. >> mr. ambassador, where can the west find leverage over russia? the u.s. needs to work with them. it's not an isolated incident. we have syria we have iran. david is just talking about the major economic and energy ties there with europe. so where does the leverage come from? >> i think we should not overstate the problems of pushing back very hard against the russians. the russians, yes, they are trying to be somewhat helpful in our conversations with iran. and we need them to do something on syria, but they've not been key to either of these. certainly not on the iran side. we can deal with the iran negotiations on nuclear, without the russians. so i don't think we should be constrained by other issues to a great degree. and pushinging back very hard against this russian aggression. >> david, do you get the sense that president putin wants to actually claim cr
they crashed twitter with that retweet. they were all in such a good mood last night, the energy was fantastic and it really translated to the tv. >> reporter: i don't want to call myself a thief but i did get you a gift. >> you didn't steal that oscar. >> reporter: and the oscar goes to michaela pereira. >> it's chocolate. >> reporter: i got really high there. that is not going to be eaten. >> i was robbed. i was robbed. it was politics. >> you're supposed to say i was just honored to be nominated. >> i say go with authentic. i showed up because i thought i was going to win. >> what a fun night for lupita, what a fun night for her brother. >> coming up on "new day," we're going to take you back to the crisis in ukraine. it's a battle about sovereignty but it's also a battle about east and west and russia. it could have an effect in the global economy and we're going to tell you why. [ garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there, but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup d
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to broaden this conflict into those regions which are on the transit suits then we could see energy prices in europe. >> reporter: it depends on russia natural gas and infrastructure of pipes that brings it in from russia and through the ukraine. europe tried to diversify a way by divesting in pipelines to the caspean sea and africa and gas fields in norway but growth for natural gas will eat up much of the new potential supply. >> europe is primarily still pipeline gas market because the domestic supply from these critical producers are declining that really the pipeline supplies that will be available for europe will be largely from russia gas. >> reporter: european leaders understand this and they are calling for dialog with not sanctions against russia. >> reporter: the throat of economic sanctions is taking a toll on the currency and hit a record low on monday. 36.37 rubels against the dollar. we will continue following the events in ukraine as they unfold. in our next hour we will get the russian perspective from a former advisor to the kremlin and you can get up to the minute info
. russia is a major energy producer and major oil exporter and much of europe's gas and a lot of economic dependence on the part of europe in russia. i think the option are going to be limited. i'm all in favor of kicking him out of the g-8 and not going to sochi and limiting the visas and i hope contain what they are doing what they are doing in crimea but i think kidding ourselves that they are going to march out. it's not going to happen. >> how seriously is the white house taking this? do they think this is bluster or do they think this is vladimir putin pushing the boundaried with the west? >> they do not think it's bluster. thousands of russian forces are in crimea. one of the things the administration is watching closely is do those forces go into other parts of ukraine? there are big russian speaking populations in eastern ukraine. does putin try to contain his activities to crimea or move elsewhere? the biggest option on the table from the white house is sanctions. this would be to top russian officials that are involved in this advance into ukraine. but when you talk about sanct
though it's this large energy producer. the putins of the world can't, if you will, opt out of the consequences of globalization. >> coming up on "morning joe," congressman paul ryan been here to discuss president obama's new budget. also ari fleischer will join in the conversation. and coming up, she's going up against governor de blasio. >> it's a rough start. >> and "morning joe" packs its bags and goes to arkansas. kasie hunt is here -- >> kasie was -- >> i can't remember exactly what happened but, what. >> well, kasie has the piece there. >> that was sort of a delay by about 20 years but it's great. >> right. let's go to bill karins with a check on the forecast. bill. >> good morning, everyone. arkansas was a nasty place to be on the road yesterday. i-40 was closed for a while. even the national guard had to be called out to help some of the people of arkansas. the ground hog said we have one more week of winter left. looks like he's probably about right. 50% of the lower 48 still covered in snow, third greatest snow cover for this late in the winter season. and we have
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ukraine'ukraine's loyalty throu. through cheap gas, cheap energy. >> rose: even though having nice little dances with its european union. >> right. and that drama is far from over. this very morning, russia decided, not by coincidence, to have some military exercises not far from the border of ukraine. >> rose: saying, "we're here." >> "we are here. take note. take note." we may be back here in two weeks or three weeks or something-- god forbid-- and i could be wrong, but i find it very hard to believe that russia would send troops into ukraine. toward what end would it be? i just coapt know. >> rose: first of all, it would bog him down. >> who are you fighting? what you fighting for. >> rose: exactly, and what do you get from it? >> and what do you get from it? russia, even while it's asserting itself on the world stage in sochi, and putin say master of his own almost-cartoonish self-confidence abe, that he was got a lot of problems. >> rose: doesn't it work in terms of russian psyche and the appeal of putin? >> i think we should not forget that the majority of the people i know in intel
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is that a courageous thing for him to do? the reason is that so much of the energy from the right in recent years has been fueled by the sort of anger and resentment and, look. people have appealed to that and kind of, you know, whipped that up. and so i think his message now is right, but it's going to, you know, it's going to take more than one speech to kind of take all of that back. >> john heilemann, has he been a part of that message and should the calf i don't think in his speech been we have all been guilty of making remarks that are perhaps over the line and you got to on turn it around? >> he is talking about -- i'm talking about bill and hillary. >> yeah, and monica lewinsky and all of that. i thought it was very sexist if we are talking about abortion barbie and an empty dress. >> but he didn't say that. he didn't use those quotes. i don't think rand paul has been over the top with most of his language. i don't think it makes sense to relitigate. >> he didn't use those quotes. >> to relitigate the clinton wars from '98 and '99 but rand has been set apart, whether you agree with him or don
. department, which is where my security concerns currently reside. it looks after nuclear matters and energy matters. we also have each of the five armed forces has his own intelligence branch. you put all of that together. it comes to 16. -- weoblem with the silos learned from 9/11 that all of that intelligence was never brought together. retrospectively, we look back and saw all of the clues, all of the pieces were there and were never put into a coherent whole. .e need integrated intelligence on a more practical level of why you need integrated intelligence, i have a friend i went to graduate school with. he was commander of a summer rain. he was given an order to go photograph a brand-new ship from hostile country. he went into shallow water. he went in there good to great risk -- even in there. he took great risks. he was able to get out. came out and did his duty. to the nasansferred security council and was working on things when this particular question came up. they looked at the files with extensive photographs of this ship that he had risked his life and his crew to go photograph.
stronger self control in the morning because we have more energy stored up. but as the day goes on our batteries tradrain and we look s ethical in our activities. >>> last night hollywood's biggest stars celebrated the biggest night the 86th annual academy awards. >> what were the best moments? we are stepping in with michael. you lucky duck. we saw the tweet, we saw the pizzas all of the dresses and of course the awards. what was the best part of last night? >> i got to tell you for me the best part was "12 years a slave" won. this has been a huge, huge film. hollywood has abysmal record awarding movies with african american experience. only the 2nd time in the 86 year history. besides it being a great movie and epic in its form the credit has to go with fox search life. it was a tough movie to watch, it was an important movie, and a lot of the aacademy members were reluctant to put the dvd in and watch it. for obvious reasons, it's tough. they went around this town with the headlines it's time. it plays into two things it is time to award a movie like this and also academy members it
those effects in terms of energy prices in europe. >> europe could rely on other sources including norway which has stepped up its production. but russia could still stock the -- shock the global markets. ripple effects here in the united states. mainly in the form of rising gas prices, that would not exactly help america's struggling economy. >> david shuster thank you. >>> the syrian crisis will be the major subject, foreign ministers from russia and, have already spoken. in south africa, witness testimony began in the murder trial of olympian oscar pistorius, a neighbor testified she heard screams on the morning of the murder, pistorius admits he shot her four times but he said he thought she was an intruder. >>> deadly stabbing ra rampage a train station, left 29 dead more than 140 others were injured. attackers were separatists from a far western province. for the highest ranking al qaeda member trial has begun. >>> jury trial began sulemain abu gais, he is the highest ranking al qaeda leader to fairs trial in a u.s. civilian court. abu gais has pleaded not guilty. his attorne
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